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What is mica tape ?

Mica tape is made of high quality phlogopite mica paper with non-alkali fiberglass cloth or thin film as the reinforcing material,bonded by high temperature resistant silicone resin,baked and dried at high temperature and constant speed,then cut and processed into roll material by special cutting machine.

What is Mica plates?

Mica Plate is a kind of hard lamination material constructed of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper with silicon resin, With excellent thermal resistance, good flame resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent physical strength, and little smoke by heating. It is widely used in the industries of household electric appliances (clothes irons, hair dryers, toaster, kettles, cooking appliances, microwaveovens, air heaters), metallurgy (frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace), medical appliances, etc.

What development trend of mica?

In general, due to the success of synthetic mica macrocrystals, the demand for mica macrocrystals in the world will gradually decrease, so the exploitation of natural mica macrocrystals will decrease year by year.However, the demand for fragmented mica will continue to increase.The high quality mica in the world is far from satisfying the needs, and the development of synthetic mica is being accelerated.

The current consumption structure of mica has changed. It is estimated that the worldwide demand for mica flake will continue to decline at a rate of 4.6% per year, while the demand for mica flake will continue to increase at an average rate of 1.5% per year.

Comprehensive utilization of mica products ---- mica paper, wet ground mica powder and mica deep processing products are relatively popular in the international market.

What is mica paper?

Mica paper is made of high quality natural white mica as raw material by thermochemical or hydraulic stripping and breaking into pulp paper making process, and cut into continuous reel or sheet paper.

What is classification of mica tape ?

1.Phlogopite mica tape

2.Synthetic mica tape

3.Calcined mica tape

What is mica tape used for?

1.Fire resistant cable


What is mica plates features?

1.Excellent high temperature insulation performance, the highest temperature is over 1000 degrees;

2.Excellent electrical insulation performance, withstand voltage breakdown index up to 20KV / MM;

3.Excellent bending strength and processing performance, high bending strength, and excellent toughness. Punching and drilling into various shapes of gaskets and punches;

4.Excellent environmental protection performance. This product does not contain asbestos, and when it is heated, it emits little smoke and little odor, and even smokeless and tasteless.

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