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What is fiberglass mat?

Fiberglass Mat is characterized by good combination of resin, easy operation, good wet strength retention, good laminate transparency and low cost.  It is suitable for the application by hand lay-up FRP moldings, such as, various sheets and panels, boat hulls, boat tubs, cooling towers, corrosion resistant, vehicles, etc

What is  characteristic of fiberglass mat?

1.Uniform thickness, softness and hardness good.

2.Fast and consistent wet-out speed in resins and good manufacturability.

3.Anti-corrosion and electric insulation

4.Warp and weft yarn are parallel arrangement and flat,even tension

5.Excellent durability, consistent with the life cycle of electronic products

What is fiberglass mat used for?

1.Hand lay-up

2.Filament winding

3.Compression molding processes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass reinforced plastic?

Fiberglass  reinforced plastic is on the basis of original pure plastic, adding glass fiber and other additives, so as to improve the scope of use of materials.Generally speaking, most of the glass fiber reinforced materials are used in the structural parts of the product, which is a kind of structural engineering materials


1.After fiberglass reinforcement, fiber glass is a high-temperature resistant material. Therefore, the heat resistance temperature of reinforced plastics is much higher than that before without glass fiber, especially nylon plastics;

2.After fiber glass reinforcement, because of the addition of fiber glass, the mutual movement between the polymer chains of plastic is limited, so the shrinkage rate of reinforced plastic decreases a lot, and the rigidity is greatly improved;

3.Fiber glass reinforced, reinforced plastic will not stress cracking, at the same time, the impact resistance of plastic improved a lot;

4.After fiber glass is reinforced, glass fiber is a high-strength material, which greatly improves the strength of plastics, such as tensile strength, compressive strength and bending strength.

5. After fiber glass reinforcement, due to the addition of glass fiber and other additives, the combustion performance of reinforced plastic decreases a lot, and most materials cannot ignite, which is a kind of flame retardant material.


1.After fiber glass reinforcement, it will become opaque due to the addition of glass fiber, which is transparent without glass fiber;

2.After fiber glass reinforced, the toughness of all plastics decreases while the brittleness increases;

3.After fiber glass  reinforcement, due to the addition of glass fiber, the melt viscosity of all materials increases, the fluidity becomes worse, and the injection pressure is much higher than that without glass fiber;

4.After fiber glass  reinforcement, due to the addition of glass fiber and poor fluidity, in order to normal injection molding, the injection temperature of all reinforced plastics should be increased by 10-30 ℃ than before without glass fiber;

5.Fiber glass  enhanced, due to the addition of glass fiber and additives, the hygroscopic performance of enhanced plastic is greatly strengthened, the original pure plastic does not absorb water will become water absorption, therefore, injection should be into drying.

How to store fiberglass mat?

Fiberglass cloth  itself is very soft, that would make the product easy to fold, and sometimes some special use in the process of glass fiber cloth production to join a certain amount of glue, the fiber cloth will have certain softness, in the preservation will pay special attention to this kind of glass fiber cloth, not stacking too high,Nor can it be stored upright for a long time. Here, take a look at the storage method of fiberglass cloth.

1.The material of grid cloth is glass fiber material, more afraid of water, avoid moisture, so if in the rainy summer, it is recommended not to put the grid cloth in a wet place, not to put it in the open rain, otherwise the consequences are very bad!Some customers have a large demand for grid cloth, and there will be a large number of glass fiber grid cloth in the warehouse for a long time. Some of the grid cloth is soaked in water due to some objective reasons (such as the low terrain of the warehouse), which leads to serious consequences, namely, the grid cloth is soaked.Therefore, it is recommended that you do not put it on low ground!Do not make the mesh cloth soaked.

2.Most of the fiberglass cloth is white, it is easy to dirty, so try to use plastic packaging to directly pack the mesh cloth, with white woven bag, not only to ensure the beauty of the product, plastic and can make the air does not enter the inside, so that the product is not affected by moisture.

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