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What is fiberglass direct roving?

1.Direct roving refers to the glass fiber filament into a strand, not twisting directly on the bobbin.

2.The last thread usually consists of 1,200 to 2,400 endless fibers.Glass roving is a kind of widely used glass fiber material.

What is advantage of fiberglass direct roving?

1.Good abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, good warping and weaving properties, easy to impregnate.

2.Fiberglass direct roving is compatible with a variety of resins, such as polyester,  Vinyl ester and epoxy resin.  Direct roving is a kind of high performance reinforced yarn, which is widely used for hand and machine production, such as boats, boats, aircraft and auto parts, furniture and sports facilities and other areas.

How to store fiberglass direct roving?

Fiberglass direct roving should be stocked In dry and cool places. The best condition is with temperature between 15 and 35 centigrade, with a relative humidity between 30% and 70%. Before use, please keep it in the original package.

What is main application of fiberglass cloth?

1.Fiberglass direct rovimg is suitable for high pressure pipelines and containers and various series of thermal insulation products.

2.Fiberglass direct roving can also be used for cutting felt, can also be used for continuous board.  Mainly used for weaving glass fiber fabric and mesh.  It is also used for filament processing

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