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Case Study

Case Study1.  Fiberglass cloth for mica tape

In March 2021, I received an inquiry from Brazil. Due to the fiberglass cloth special width required by the customer, the order quantity is only 10000.However, the customer has been looking for a manufacturer for a very long time, and there is no suitable manufacturer for half a year. After finding us through the official website, we sent out conventional fiberglass cloth first, the customer is very satisfied with our quality.With the support of our boss, the factory readjusted the machine. Due to it's the first attempt, the fiberglass cloth loss was relatively large, and the cost far exceeded the profit of this order. With the joint efforts of all of us, we finally met the customer's requirements.The Brazilian customer also felt the strength and sincerity of our company and became our long-term partner.

Case Study2.  Fiberglas cloth for FRP tubes

In 2018, an American customer needs samples, each fiberglass cloth roll of 50 meters. Due to the large sample orders, according to the regulations of the company need to collect freight, stuck in the fiberglass cloth sample freight charge for a long time.After discuss with leaders for many times, we finally decided to send samples free of charge to customers, the first fiberglass cloth sample without success, the second time,customers still need many samples for testing.With the mentality of one last time, the second sample still send free of charge.Finally, sample is successful,he has become one of our biggest customers so far.Sometimes it takes chance and guts to succeed.

Case Study3.  Fiberglass cloth for PCB board

In April 2021, we received a call from Romania, after customer knowing our production of glass fiber cloth, their factories are using glass fiber cloth specifications and send to us, because the customer need special specifications, and the species is very complex, and customers are also very active in the process of sending us they use photographs and video, Finally, with the efforts of many parties, we customized the sample for the customer, and the customer was very satisfied with it. Now it has become a very important customer of ours.

Case Study4.  Fiberglas cloth for surfboard

Through Google search I found a India production of sporting goods manufacturers, His company need to use our fiberglass cloth, But customer told me that they have stable supplier now also don't plan to change supplier, After many emails and calls communication, He agrees to try our products, I sent free sample to him, After testing, He found that his products made with our fiberglass cloth has a higher fitting degree. After the quotation, He gave us a sample order.

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