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What is fiberglass yarn?

Fiberglass yarns are composed of a certain number of e-glass filaments with a certain nominal diameter, which are clustered together to form a yarn.  Yarn structure is fixed and protected by sizing and micro twist, generally in the Z direction Vetrotex is also used on beams.

How many types of fiberglass yarn?

--Medium alkali glass fiber yarn

--Alkali-free glass fiber yarn

--Glass fiber roving

--Glass fiber stranded roving

--Medium alkali

--Non-twisted roving.

How to store fiberglass yarn?

1.The ideal storage temperature of fiberglass yarn :5-35℃, moisture content 35-65%, use for 12 months

2.Stacking limits stacking to 2 layers.

What is main application of fiberglass yarn?

Fiberglass yarn is used for weaving, bushing, coating of wire and cable of mine fuse, winding insulation material of motor and electric appliance, yarn of machine weaving and other industrial yarn.

What is fiberglass yarn used for?

Fiberglass can be made into yarn, like wool or cotton, and then woven into fabrics, sometimes used for curtains.  Fiberglass textiles are commonly used as reinforcement for molded and laminated plastics.

What is advantage of fiberglass yarn?

Fiberglass yarn can be used as a strengthening agent in various floor coverings. Its advantages are high strength and puncture resistance for heavy traffic products, as well as dimensional stability for PVC, TPO(thermoplastic polyolefin) and other materials.

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