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Fiberglass prepreg

What is fiberglass prepreg?

Fiberglass prepreg is made of epoxy resin and glass fiber , hot pressing, cooling, film, winding and other processing of composite materials, from the fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, release paper Material composition. glass fiber prepreg is the initial impregnation of epoxy resin and glass fiber uncured semi-finished products, can be shaped after heating.

Feature and Advantages of fiberglass prepreg

1.Well-distributed, even tensile strength, good vertical performance
2.Fast impregnation, good moulding property, easily removing air bubbles
3.High mechanical strength, less strength loss in condition.

4. high strength, low fiber prepreg strength can reach 3-5 times the steel, the density of steel is only a quarter.
5.good plasticity.According to the shape of the mold made of any shape, easy molding, easy processing.
6. corrosion resistance, long life.

Application of fiberglass prepreg

Fiberglass prepreg is widely used in sports equipment (skis, surfboard Etc.), Marine industry (FRP hull), automobile train (automobile body Etc.), wind power blades and other fields.

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