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CFCCT-400 woven Carbon Fiber Prepreg

CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg(Preimpregnated Materials) is a combination of epoxy resin and carbon fiber under high pressure and high temperature technology.
  • CFCCT-400

  • 1000-3000

  • black

  • 400gsm

  • Pallet+carton

  • 1000mm-1500mm

  • Shanghai

  • rightcomposite

  • 0.42mm

  • twill


CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg(Preimpregnated Materials) is a combination of epoxy resin and carbon fiber under high pressure and high temperature technology. The composite material made of carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, release paper and other materials through coating, hot pressing, cooling, film coating, coiling and other processes is called carbon fiber prepreg, also known as carbon fiber prepreg.

The reason why it is called prepreg is because this is only the initial impregnation of resin and carbon fiber, which is not the final impregnation when the product is formed. In another word, prepregs are reinforcement materials that have been pre-impregnated with either a thermoplastic or thermoset resin, hence the name prepreg.

There are Unidirectional carbon fiber prepregs(UD) and Woven carbon fiber prepregs (Plain and Twill).

The main products include:unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg(24T,30T,36T,40T) and carbon fiber woven prepreg(1K,3K,6K,12K),all kinds of hybrid prepreg, multi-axial prepreg and so on. Unidirectional fabric weight isfrom 67g/㎡ to 335g/㎡,woven fabric weight is from 100g/㎡ to 480g/㎡. ,the resin content uniformity controlled within 0.5% weight of the fiber and the resin content can be produced according to customer requirements.

Feature and Advantages of  CFCCT-400 woven Carbon Fiber Prepreg

1. High strength, low density, strength can reach 6-12 times of steel, density is only one quarter of steel.

2. High fatigue strength;

3. High dimensional stability;

4. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;

5. Excellent vibration attenuation performance;

6. Excellent heat resistance;

7. The friction coefficient is small and the wear resistance is excellent;

8. Corrosion resistant and long life.

9. X-ray permeability is large.

10. Good plasticity, can be made into any shape according to the shape of the mold, easy to form and easy to process.

11.Ease of use

12.Low void content

13.Control of laminate thickness

14.Control of fibre volume fraction

15.Clean process

16.Better conformity and quality

17.High specific modulus and strength

18. Very low thermal expansion coefficient

                          Technical data of CFCCT-400 woven Carbon Fiber Prepreg
Code  CFCCT-400
Fiber warp  6000
Fiber weft 6000
Prepreg total weight g/㎡ 400
Weave type  twill
Width 1000mm-1500mm
Color black

Main Application of CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg

Prepreg materials are easy to work with while offering highly favorable mechanical properties. They can also be safer and more friendly than other resin methods. Carbon fiber prepregs, in particular, are known for their strength, stiffness, and resistance to both chemicals and extreme temperatures. These properties, coupled with carbon fiber’s extremely light weight, benefit both military and industry applications, including:


Aerospace: fuselage, rudder, engine rocket shells, missiles diffuser, solar panels, etc.

Sports equipment: auto parts, motocycle parts, fishing rod, baseball bats, skis, boats, badminton, etc.

Industry: engine parts, concrete structure reinforcement materials, fan blades, drive shafts, and electrical parts,etc.




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RFQ for CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg

Q:Why choose our CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg?

A:We are professional manufacturer ,and we can provide the best product ,competitive price and excellent service.

Q: Is customized available ?

A: Yes, according to your detailed drawings you provide.

Q:How can I get a sample of CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg?

A:Generally  small samples can be sent free of charge and customers just need to bear a little shipping charge.

Q:What about the delivery time of CFCCT-400 woven Carbon fiber prepreg?

A:Normally bulk order need 7-30 days after receiving the advance payment. Samples will be prepared within 1-3 days.

Q:Mode of transportation?

A:By sea, by air, by courier, by train

Q:Can we visit your factory to inspect the goods for the order?

A:Welcome to visit our factory to inspect the quality.We sincerely hope to establish

Q:What is your payment terms?

A:T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal.

Q:What certificate do you have?


Q:Do you have MOQ?

A:Yes,we have MOQ for mass production ,but it depends on model,please contact us for details.


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